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Brett Hankison

Drama new police body cam footage show chaos, confusion after Breonna Taylor shooting

Trial Updates:

Former Louisville police detective Brett Hankison found not guilty on charges from Breonna Taylor raid

 Former Louisville police detective Brett Hankison, the only officer charged in the controversial raid that killed Breonna Taylor, was found not guilty on three counts of wanton endangerment by a Jefferson County jury Thursday.

The jury of eight men and four women deliberated for about three hours after hearing five days of testimony. A judge told Hankison he was free to leave.

"Justice was done, the verdict was proper and we're thrilled," said attorney Stew Mathews, who represented Hankison. "He was doing his job as a police officer. ... The jury felt like you go out and perform your duty and your brother officer gets shot, you have a right to defend yourself. Simple as that."

13 more jurors accepted in Brett Hankison trial; lawyer says he will testify


An additional 13 jurors will move to the group questioning round in the Brett Hankison trial.


That brings the total to 35 out of the 50 the court is trying to build.

Hankison is charged with three counts of wanton endangerment.

He’s accused of firing shots through Breonna Taylor’s apartment that landed in a neighboring apartment.

During Thursday’s individual juror questioning, Hankison’s defense attorney Stewart Mathews said Hankison would take the stand in his own defense.

Many jurors during the session told lawyers they didn’t know much about the case or what happened the night Breonna Taylor was killed.

The judge asked jurors several questions to see if they knew more than they were admitting to.

The group of 50 jurors will be questioned in two groups on February 22 . The final jury will be picked after that.

Both the defense and prosecution can eliminate up to nine jurors each following those group question sessions.

The remaining jurors will be picked by random draw to make up the final jury which will hear the trial.


Former LMPD Det. Brett Hankison, other LMPD members called to testify in upcoming trial

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A new motion filed in Jefferson Circuit Court lists the witnesses called to testify in former LMPD Det. Brett Hankison’s trial for charges in connection with the death of Breonna Taylor.

Hankison was the only officer charged in connection with the botched Louisville Metro Police raid in March 2020, but not directly for Taylor’s death. Instead, Hankison was charged with wanton endangerment after several rounds he fired ended up going into a neighboring apartment.

The motion filed on Monday states Hankison will be called as first witness in his trial, which is scheduled for February.

Other witnesses that will be called to the stand include former LMPD Sgt. Jon Mattingly and former officer Myles Cosgrove.

Mattingly was the officer shot by Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, the night of the raid. Walker said he believed someone was trying to break into his home and fired.

The officers returned fire, and Cosgrove was the officer who fired the fatal shot that killed Taylor.

Cosgrove was fired from LMPD for failing to identify a target and use of excessive force. Mattingly has since retired from the department.


The list of 12 names are all current or former members of LMPD, the motion confirms.

Who is Brett Hankison?

Brett Hankison was an LMPD officer for about 17 years before his June 2020 firing stemming from the Taylor shooting. His last role was as a detective in the Criminal Interdiction Division.

Hankison was one of three officers — alongside Mattingly and Cosgrove — to fire his weapon at Taylor's apartment, accounting for 10 of the 32 rounds LMPD officers fired that night.

He is the only officer facing criminal charges.

Hankison joined LMPD in 2003 after working for the Lexington police department from 1999 through 2002.

Upon his resignation in Lexington, Hankison's supervisor wrote he would "not recommend him for reemployment" because of his "actions in violation of standing orders, refusal to accept supervision and general poor attitude toward the Division of Police and its command staff."

While at LMPD, Hankison received multiple commendations for professionalism, as well as several violations of department policy.

After Taylor's case became national news, multiple women came forward on social media accusing Hankison of sexually assaulting them. Hankison was also twice investigated by LMPD's Public Integrity Unit for accusations involving sexual misconduct; both cases found no wrongdoing.

Before his firing, Hankison also was an elected member of the Louisville Police Merit Board, chosen by his fellow officers.

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Why was Brett Hankison charged but other officers weren't?

In announcing the charges against Hankison, Attorney General Daniel Cameron said his office found Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in returning fire because Walker, Taylor's boyfriend, shot first.

But while Mattingly and Cosgrove fired from the apartment's front door, Hankison shot from the side of the apartment, through a covered sliding glass door and window, meaning he couldn't see his target.

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