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Mekhi Camden Speed

Who Is Mekhi Camden Speed and Amir Locke Cousin Arrested For Otis Elder Death

Who Is Mekhi Camden Speed?

Mekhi Camden was a teenager who was arrested and identified as Locke’s cousin in court documents. Officials have charged him with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Otis Rodney Elder 38 on January 10. Authorities said new details are coming very soon once the investigation was completed that led to the fatal encounter with Locke, 22 who was not named in the search warrant.

Mekhi Camden Speed Arrested

Interim Police Chief Amelia Huffman said last week that officers from the Minneapolis Police Department were serving the order as part of the St. Paul homicide investigation. The teen suspect and his affiliates were tracked to the Bolero Flats apartment building in Minneapolis, where police executed search warrants on three apartments. At that time, Camden was present in the apartment with his mother, a second apartment with two doors with his associate, and a seventh-floor flat with the teen’s brother’s girlfriend. According to the Minneapolis Police Department, they say the last apartment where Locke was killed was the only one with a no-knock warrant.

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