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Power Book IV: Force

Tommy Egan leaves New York behind and plans to take on Chicago, using his outsider status to break all the local rules and rewrite them on his quest to become the biggest drug dealer in the city.

Power Book IV: Force

The one episode of the current series Starz made available to the press is fine. A highlight is the addition of a cold, steely Tommy Flanagan as Walter Flynn, head of the Irish crime family, as a man out of time. He rules the streets of Chicago with an iron fist, supported by an army of loyal enforcers keeping the family business in order. Flynn seems untouchable as king of Chicago’s crime hierarchy. However, as the series unfolds, it only seems logical that the bullheaded Tommy will become a big problem for him.

All well and good. The problem for me remains Sikora, especially as the star. Yes, the character is a nutty punk but his performance feels forced and therefore unnatural. Do guys like him exist in real life? Sure. But I think a more subdued, calculating take, especially in the loud, chaotic world in which he exists, might be more lethal and will provide some balance. One gets the feeling that there’s a better-suited actor for the part, but fans who’ve stuck with the franchise since it started are obviously convinced otherwise. Its premiere on Sunday racked up 3.3 million multiplatform views.

Created by Robert Munic (“Tales,” “Ice,” “Empire”), so far, it’s everything you’d expect from a “Power” universe series, meaning more of the same superficiality and violence. But if it’s your kind of entertainment, this version will probably still work for you.

“Power Book Iv: Force” airs across Starz platforms on Sundays.

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