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4 people of interest in custody following sextuple homicide: MPD

MILWAUKEE — Four people of interest are in

police custody but have not been charged with crimes in connection to the killing of six people at a Milwaukee home on Sunday, officials announced on Thursday.

Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman and Acting Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson held a press conference Thursday morning to share an update on the investigation.

They said they are still investigating the connection these four people of interest have to the crime, but said all four all adults.

Chief Norman also said dispatchers received a 911 call 12 hours before the bodies were found about a shooting. The caller claimed she was shot along with several others.

The caller provided two addresses, but neither was the exact location the bodies were found and no evidence was found that shootings happened there.

Police are still investigating how this call may be related to the bodies found, but they determined the caller was not one of the victims.

Authorities are investigating the deaths as homicides and told TMJ4 News previously that their injuries are suspected to have been caused by gunfire.

Milwaukee Police were called to a home at 21st and Wright around 3:45 p.m. Sunday for a welfare check. Inside, they found five deceased men and one deceased woman, according to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office.

Authorities initially said they had found five bodies, but the ME said in an update Monday that another body had been found in the house.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner identified the six victims and their ages as follows:

Charles L. Hardy (42)

Caleb A. Jordan (23)

Donald Smith (43)

Donta H. Williams (44)

Michelle D. Williams (49)

Javoni Liddell (31)

LockharTVMedia does not have a photo of Javoni yet.

The motive, and person or people responsible, is still unknown. Police said they are seeking unknown suspects.

Milwaukee 15th District Alderman Russell Stamper said neighborhood block captains — neighbors you can report suspicious activity to — had heard of possible drug activity at the home.

“You have to take every little suspicious thing seriously. Too many cars at a house, in and out of a house, too much activity," said Stamper. "That’s not right."

While there is not a suspect in custody for this crime, police say there is no information to suggest there is a threat to the community.

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