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Brown Deer shooting victims identified: medical examiner

The Milwaukee County medical examiner has identified the three people who died Sunday morning in a domestic dispute at a Brown Deer apartment complex.

The deaths of Arieuna Reed, 23, and Michael Edward Anderson, 31, were listed as homicides, according to the medical examiner reports. 

Larvell Huddleston, 26, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A fourth person, Eric Lewis, was injured after being shot in the leg near his ankle.

When Brown Deer police rushed to the Park Plaza apartments for an active shooter Saturday morning, Lewis said he heard a handful of gunshots fired above his first-floor apartment. After hearing more shots, Lewis looked outside his window.

Reed had been shot and wounded. As Anderson and another woman tried helping her into their car, Lewis said the shooter came outside, firing at all three through parked cars. Lewis said the man was shot in his stomach. He recalled seeing the injured woman crawling back toward the apartments.

Then Lewis said the shooter reloaded, walked up to Reed and emptied his clip at point-blank range. While officers arrived and were fired upon, Lewis said he ran to check on the injured man. As he made contact, he said the shooter fired at him from the balcony, hitting his right leg around the ankle.

Anderson, the man Lewis was trying to help, died on the scene.

Some 45 minutes later, Lewis said he heard a single, muffled shot upstairs, believing the shooter turned the gun on himself. Police said that happened while a child was inside the apartment.


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