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Judge Leary has granted Cortez Rice motion to dismiss the charge of harassment of a judicial officer

Weeks after a protest outside Judge Regina Chu's home, Cortez Rice was charged for harassing the judge in charge of the trial of Kim Potter. According to reports, 32-year-old Cortez Rice was charged with felony harassment with aggravated violations for entering the building where Judge Chu lived, during a November 6 protest outside her home.

Judge Chu is the Hennepin County Judge overseeing the trial of Potter, who shot and killed Duante Wright during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021. Potter was charged and convicted with first and second-degree manslaughter and faces 15 years in jail, after mistaking her gun for her taser.

Judge William H. Leary III, dismissed the complaint against Cortez Rice for lack of probable cause without prejudice. The motion for modification of his conditions of release, denied at the time of the hearing and Rice’s request via attorney Jordan Kushner for a furlough from a probationary sentence on adjoining court file 27-CR-16-31444, also denied at the time of the hearing, will be memorialized by a separate court order on that file.


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