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Judge Schroeder: Fight Back/Lin Wood get $925K, Kyle Rittenhouse gets $925K, AR-15 will be destroyed

Judge Schroeder and Mark Richards say the document says "for the benefit of Kyle Rittenhouse." Schroeder: "that's a trust."

Mark Richards: the money came through Pierce's trust acct. from Fight Back. Pierce has washed his hands of it. Says he has no claim. Richards said Pierce can't assign interest to money that is not his

Schroeder basically says the attorneys for the trust company have no standing. Not licensed in WI (and they tried to file by email with the clerk).

Judge Schroeder: attorneys who filed other documents not licensed in the state of WI. He's agreeing to stipulation: Fight Back/Lin Wood get $925K, Kyle Rittenhouse gets $925K and actor Ricky Schroder gets his $150K back.

The state and defense have agreed that Kyle Rittenhouse's AR-15 will be destroyed by the state. KR's clothes, other items, returned on Wed.


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