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Milwaukee police officer shot near North 21st Street and West St. Paul Avenue

Milwaukee police officer shot near North 21st Street and West St. Paul Avenue, one day after sheriff's deputy injured in shooting

An adult man and a Milwaukee police officer were shot Thursday evening in the Menomonee Valley, according to fire officials.

The Milwaukee Fire Department confirmed the officer was shot multiple times in the 2100 block of West St. Paul Avenue. Dispatch logs indicate the shooting occurred about 6:15 p.m.

The officer is the second to be shot in two days in Milwaukee. Fire officials said the officer was taken to Froedtert Hospital and was in stable condition.

The adult man who was also shot was taken to Froedtert as well, fire officials said. No information was immediately available about the man's condition.

The shooting occurred just down the street from the original Sobelmans Pub and Grill location, a Milwaukee staple.

Sam Leighton, 21, said he and his friend Delano Lomibao, 19, pulled up to Sobelmans sometime after 6 p.m.

They said they saw a police squad car driving east, towards them and the restaurant, but it stopped short of them and turned around to head west.

They said the squad car then turned around again to face east and stopped behind a parked car some distance away on West Saint Paul Avenue. The squad car turned on its searchlights and aimed it at the parked car.

Leighton said the squad's emergency lights were never activated, so he went inside the restaurant as Lomibao parked the car. Minutes later, Leighton said he heard five or six gunshots.

Less than an hour earlier, Christian Almonte, a 26-year-old Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputy, was released from Froedtert Hospital after being treated for multiple gunshot wounds.

A 19-year-old man, who later killed himself, shot at Almonte as officers searched the Johnson's Woods neighborhood early Wednesday morning for two other men who ran from a traffic stop. Almonte was struck in both arms and his torso.

The officer is also the third to be shot in two weeks. On Jan. 13, an off-duty Milwaukee police detective was shot and injured when he intervened in an attempted carjacking in the city's Third Ward.

This story will be updated.

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