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Officer shot 21st and St. Paul: Milwaukee police release video

MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) released on Friday, March 11 information and video regarding an officer-involved shooting that occurred on Thursday, Jan. 27 on N. 21st Street and W. St. Paul Avenue. It is part of a community briefing on the matter.

The incident is being investigated by the Milwaukee Police Department Homicide Unit. As per standard operating procedures, the officer remains on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

The officer sustained gunshot injuries to his left shoulder and left flank from the suspect’s gunfire. The bullet that entered his shoulder traveled into his chest near his sternum.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office issued criminal charges against the suspect, Jetrin Rodthong. He is currently detained at the Milwaukee County Criminal Justice facility.

A news release says the Community Briefing video series was created by MPD to promote transparency and accountability with the public and to provide relevant information about critical incidents. MPD’s goal is to continue to release relevant video regarding critical incidents within a reasonable amount of time after the incident unless releasing such video would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation.


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