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Police believe there's more than one gunman in killing of 6 people

Family of victims say they have been told nothing about possible motive


Milwaukee police said they believe they're looking for more than one gunman in the killing of six people in a home at 21st and Wright streets.

The victims' family told WISN 12 News reporter Terry Sater the gunmen got into the house by breaking through the back door.

Acting Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson spoke about the massacre for the first time Wednesday.

"Too often in this community, people resort to violence and deadly violence to solve disputes," Johnson said.

As a boy, Johnson lived across the street from the home where the six people were killed.

Family members believe Michelle Williams and husband Donta Williams were shot and killed last Thursday, but police won't confirm the time of death until they get the final autopsy results.

The six victims were discovered on Sunday.

"So they were in there for maybe, at least three days. From what I understand this happened Thursday," said Tiffany Cole-Whittington, a cousin of Michelle Williams.

Cole-Whittington told WISN 12 News family hasn't been told anything about a possible motive.

"It's unfortunate that all these years later that an incident like that would occur on that block where more than twenty years ago I saw and experienced similarly devastating violent acts," Johnson said.

Police said Wednesday afternoon they have no witnesses and are working with very little information.

A daughter of Michelle Williams spoke at a vigil Tuesday night.

"I would like to thank everybody for coming out here for my momma, Mike, Duty, KP, everybody that was in that house. I would like to thank you all for coming out and showing some love," she said.

The mayor's office told WISN 12 News to expect a news conference from police sometime Thursday.

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