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Police pursuit with stolen car ends in crash near 76th and Villard, 5 injured

17-year-old Milwaukee teen arrested

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) said a police pursuit with stolen car ended in a multi-vehicle crash near 76th and Villard on Wednesday. A 17-year-old teen was arrested.

According to MPD, the pursuit began at 1:35 p.m. on the 6100 block of Capitol when an officer observed a reckless vehicle that was stolen in an armed robbery.

The officer attempted to stop the car, however, the driver refused to pull over and a pursuit began.

Two occupants of the suspect vehicle, as well as two drivers of other vehicles, were also transported to the hospital for non-fatal injuries. In all, five people were taken to the hospital.

Stolen jeep goes airborne, damaging several cars at car lot

The incident left an extensive amount of damage at Hart Auto, a car lot at 76th and Villard. Not only were several people sent to the hospital, but numerous cars were totaled.

Those working at Hart Auto saw they have seen a lot of things in 233 years, but never something like this.

Around 2 p.m., their security cameras captured the stolen black jeep being chased by police. When it hit a car in the intersection, the jeep went flying into the air and into a street pole and then into the inventory of cars at Hart Auto.

The crash left behind shattered glass and debris everywhere. Workers at the lot ran out to help those involved.

"I saw the police had guns drawn so I started yelling, there's guns, get back, get back," Hart Auto Manager Christine Gaspardo. " So we ducked back behind the cars until the scene was safe."

The owners say all the vehicles hit are likely totaled.

"We're coming into our busy season in the spring market and I could really use these cars and now I have to go to the auction," Hart Auto Owner Larry Rowell said.

Insurance will take care of the damaged vehicles. However, the continued problem of reckless driving and stolen cars can't be fixed as easily.

"This is serious. People are loosing their lives over this and it's got to stop. I do not think a committee, I do not think a plan is going to change it," Gaspardo said.

The chase lasted about 20 minutes. Criminal charges will be referred to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the upcoming days.


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