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Purdue University Police Officer Accused of Police Brutality Against Black Man

An Indiana police officer is being accused of police brutality after a controversial arrest of a Black man named Adonis Tuggle, the arrest was recorded by his girlfriend.

The video was posted by somebody named Bri Latto. Unclear if she’s the particular person recording it or not, however the footage reveals the officer in a scuffle — pinning Adonis on the snow-covered ground whereas he screams out. It seems the cop is holding Tuggle down by pushing his elbow into his neck and/or face. The lady recording is yelling the officer to cease, and complains the cop is hurting her BF.

As she screaam for him to stop, he tells her he’ll Taser her if she touches him again.

Adonis Tuggle posted on social media, saying he is demanding justice. He claims Purdue PD is refusing to show over body camera footage of the incident. Cops inform us he was arrested for resisting arrest — a misdemeanor.

Purdue University police chief John Cox says an update will be made as soon as a full investigation into the officer’s use of force is complete.


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