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Video shows driver fight off three NYPD officers after traffic stop

A tough-guy driver fought off three NYPD cops during a traffic stop in Manhattan Wednesday night — then peeled off in his muscle car despite being zapped by two Tasers, according to police and video of the fracas.

The clip, posted on Instagram, shows the ballsy motorist brawling with the trio of officers around 11 p.m. after they pulled over his Dodge Charger at White and Lafayette streets, cops said.

An NYPD spokesman said the man had violated a traffic law but didn’t specify which one.

The three NYPD officers attempting to arrest the man in Manhattan after a traffic stop.

“Upon further investigation, officers determined the temporary license plate on the vehicle was altered,” the spokesman said. “Officers attempted to place the individual under arrest when he resisted and then fled the location in the vehicle.”

The video shows the officers struggling with the man on the ground but he manages to get onto his feet. In the process, the driver pushes one of the officers to the ground, causing him to strike his head on the car’s bumper.

The motorist managed to break free and knock one officer to the ground.

The NYPD didn’t specify which traffic law he violated.

The man was able to get back into his car and then drive away.

The suspect then jumps into the Charger and revs the engine dramatically — even as two of the cops shock him with their Tasers.

Then, the driver slams his car door shut and zooms off.

Two of the officers suffered minor injuries, police said. There were no immediate arrests.

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