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Dumas PD Chief: 20 injured, 1 dead in shooting outside Arkansas car show

DUMAS, Ark. – (UPDATE – 12:00 A.M.) Chief Keith Finch with the Dumas Police Department said one person was killed and at least 20 others were injured in the shooting incident outside of a car show Saturday evening.

Speaking to, Finch said the shooting started just around 6:50 p.m. He also told MonticelloLive that “multiple gunmen just started shooting.”

The shooting happened outside of the 16th annual “Hood-Nic” event held by the Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization. One of the organizers of the event said the gathering was an attempt to promote nonviolence.

The Arkansas State Police has taken over the lead in the investigation. A state investigator said the incident did not appear to be an active shooter situation.

UPDATE – 9:30 PM: Authorities on the scene of a shooting in Dumas say at least one person is dead. Investigators also said that children were among the victims.

The investigator at the scene also said that this did not appear to be a “mass shooter situation.”

Multiple agencies are on the scene, including the Dumas Police Department, the Desha County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas State Police.

Organizers of the event where the shooting happened said it was designed to promote nonviolence.

Update: According to the Desha County Office of Emergency Management, there were two different incidents that occurred. The first began with a high-speed pursuit that ended in a head-on crash.

The second incident happened during a car show in a parking lot. Victims are being taken to local hospitals in McGehee and Dumas, with one child being transported to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. At least two victims have been airlifted from the parking lot.


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